Dr Vee


Dr Vee graduated from National University of Singapore , Faculty of Medicine. He is a medical doctor in private general practice , with 18 years of experience in practising western medicine . He is also a Tour Leader and an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer.


His interests and hobbies include qigong, meditation, yoga,  weights training, running , dancing , music playing and travelling.


Dr Vee has a deep passion for helping people grow and step out of their life boxes, and enjoys doing this in a fun and surprising way 🙂 Dr Vee uses his gift of spiritual vision , intuitive knowhow and healing skills to facilitate the sessions  , something which was awakened in him through years of meditation and qigong practice under various spiritual teachers .  He currently maintains a regular qigong practice with Master Jeffrey Ng , lineage holder of  Innate Wisdom Qigong .


The natural joy he found from his spiritual practice , fitness activities , holidaying around the globe and helping people in and outside of his clinical practice motivated him to establish B.I.X ,  and he now offers various B.I.X wellness programs to help people achieve their goals in their very own special way 🙂