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Bernice – Physiotherapist . 

Bachelors (Hons) in Physiotherapy
Singapore AHPC Full Registered Physiotherapist
Contact : +65 85505466

Bernice, had rich experience and strong interest in manage cardiac pulmonary cases as well as Geriatric aspect.

In her 4 years of work in both National University Health System and National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS), she had managed CTICU, HD, Heart Failure rehab programme, Cardiac in patient and outpatient rehab programme, last but not least she also experiences in handling heart transplant, Lung Transplant and Ventricular Assistive Device (VAD) patient before.

As she has deep interest in Cardiac Pulmonary aspect, she successfully published an abstract in Journal of the Hong Kong College of Cardiology and presented her research poster in 3rd Asian Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Conference at Hong Kong.

Bernice also the Weight Management pilot trial in-charge person during her career in NHCS. She also won Service Quality Award twice.

Bernice handle various kind of home based rehab independently and her critical thinking enable her to manage challenging and emergency condition during her employment with Care Vision Singapore.

While Bernice hold Rehab Department managerial roles in ILTC sectors (Orange Valley Nursing Homes Pte Ltd and Econ Healthcare Group), she remotely manages group of rehab staffs that locate across the island wide to provide rehab service in total of 9 Medicare centers, 2 outpatient clinics, coordinate home rehab cases and oversee the rehab department of West Point hospital as well.

Despite being a young manager to manage huge team and department, Bernice’s strong analysis skill had enable her to strategically plan and implement the relevant measures to improve department revenue significantly within short period of time.

Bernice also hold critical position like ISO Co-Chairman and Service Quality Committee to maintain and improve the service compliance, standard and quality. Main in-charge person in collaboration between ILTC and Health Integrated Clusters like Singhealth Group and Eastern Health Alliance Group to promote better community healthcare service in the most cost-effective solution; collaboration between ILTC and NUS research team to intervene new medical technology.

Under Bernice’s management, she had managed to assist numbers of her handpick staff to pass Singapore Qualifying Exam and convert into Full registered AHPC Physiotherapist. This had solved the ILTC manpower limitation issue and promote staff career and professional development concurrently.