Fitness Conditioning

Fitness Conditioning

B.I.X Fitness conditioning / Personal Training sessions is a unique and special style of fitness conditioning which awakens your body’s own intuitive intelligence for self physical-conditioning and healing. It has the capacity to break away one’s old pattern of life conditioning , transcend and transform an individual’s personal limitation in fitness in a wholesome and holistic way. It strengthens one’s physical body and enhances performance by allowing connection to one’s innate abilities within.  Group B.I.X Fitness sessions while individualised to tailor to one’s needs , with different individuals performing different exercises concurrently within the same space and time period, creates an interactive , synergistic and multiplier effect where an individual can experience even greater benefits within a community. Together we can be stronger ! 🙂 


Free weights , dumbells and barbells, and your own bodyweight are mainly used during training sessions, sometimes together with other gym machines and implements in fun and innovative ways. As one progresses along the training , its not uncommon for one to constantly discover something new and interesting about themselves , break out into laughter , find joy and peace within . The body becomes more alive as it awakens itself.  Its a special and fun way to workout 🙂 


Every person can benefit from B.I.X Fitness sessions, whether they are new to fitness or an elite athlete, young or old, male or female, healthy or seeking to heal a medical condition. Group Sessions are multilevel and can comprise of various individuals young and old , at different levels of fitness. 


If you are looking to improve physical fitness, gain strength and agility, sculpt and tone your body, loss weight, gain weight , build those muscles in a novel way, or rehabilitate a physical condition in your body , B.I.X Fitness Sessions can help you achieve your goals. Every session is a new and exhilarating experience for the client 🙂 Come give it a try !



What B.I.X Sessions can do for you :


Fitness Conditioning / Personal Training Sessions:

Physique Building

Building Lean Muscle Mass

Weight Loss , Fat loss

Weight Gain

Pre -BMT Preparation & Training

Strength & Agility Training

Enhancing Performance for athletes , martial arts practitioners , crossfit practitioners