Dr Vee is an intuitive and very caring trainer. He is able to understand my physical strengths and limits very quickly and responds immediately with appropriate workouts. I most appreciate his ability to read my energy and physical cycles (especially the menstrual) and to motivate me throughout my changing strength levels. Through time, I find that his coaching has made me fitter and stronger.

~ Sasha Song 


Dr Vee was my first ever fitness instructor and the sessions I had with him were extremely beneficial. During my first lesson, I told him what I wanted to achieve over the next few sessions and subsequently, he came up with a personalise training structure according to my fitness conditions. I felt that the training was well-organised, and I could see my fitness level improving over the sessions. I’m glad to have found Dr Vee as my fitness instructor.

~ Yu Xuan , National Serviceman


My experience of being driven by Vee in his car came out of the blue. Vee had shared with me that he drives around S’pore guided by a know-how which takes him places. I’ve always listened and been mystified. So when the chance came for me to experience this most fascinating adventure, I was game. We had been chatting in his car when, tuning into his higher wisdom, Vee announced that he was taking me to busy Tampines Mall! For once, I didn’t ply him with a deluge of questions and just quietly went along, following his lead and was utterly surprised. He took me to a music shop where musical instruments are sold and led me to where a few synthesizers were displayed and encouraged me to go ahead and play with a specific one. As I touched the beautiful black and white keys, I was overjoyed and astounded. I put on the ear phones and started playing the synthesizer and on hearing the sounds, felt such a sense of joy and wonder. Wow, is this possible for one who loves music so much and yet struggles so hard to learn it that often times I felt like such a dud? Before I knew it, I was overcome with tears of joy and sadness. It has been my dream to be able to play music and it felt easy and simple. It was amazing what Vee did, like he had tapped into my inner most desire and brought me the very thing I wanted! He re-connected me with one of my most precious dreams and helped facilitate a healing that was totally unexpected. Such is the power of this seemingly simple experience. I recalled this unforgettable moment and I feel grateful for the gift of this wonderous experience from a very caring friend and healer.

~ Y.R.Wang , Teacher , TCM Student , Sydney , Australia


Vee helped me point out potentially good dates to meet from the online dating site I was on. This service has been very helpful, (not to mention, time-saving) as it can be pretty overwhelming to make good choices from the huge number of profiles online. The dates Vee suggested turned out to be really good ones; where I made lasting friendships and met some really potential mates. I highly recommend Vee for this unique service he provides. Vee is one life-tracker that can really help you get to where you want to go.

~ M.Y, Singapore