Travel Journal

~ Places that have a special place in my heart . ~


Sinharaja Forest Reserve , Sri Lanka , March 18 . 

One of the two UNESCO World Heritage ( Nature ) Sites in Sri Lanka , the Sinharaja forest reserve is the country’s last viable reserve of primary tropical rainforest . More than 60% of the trees are endemic and many of them are considered rare. There is much endemic wildlife, especially birds, the reserve is also home to over 50% of Sri Lanka’s endemic species of mammals and butterflies, as well as many kinds of insects, reptiles and rare amphibians.

We did a full day jungle trek from our lodge , Sinharaja Forest Edge ,in the less touristed southeastern part of the reserve. With the eagle eye of our young guide , we encoutered several species of lizards , including a few kangaroo lizards , hump-nosed lizards, doctor snails , purple faced langurs , giant shiny millipedes , giant squirrels , multi-coloured birds such as the malabar trogan , scarlet minivet , black naped blue monarch , yellow black capped bulbul , yellow browed bulbul ,  sri lanka myna bird , blue tailed beeeaters , brown breasted flycatcher , emerald pigeon , giant wood spider , daddy long legs spider , tanratulas , scorpions and pilamented mushrooms .

This pristine tropical rainforest , with its colourful endemic wildlife , holds a magical beautiful space for travellers who visit her , leaving us with a sense of awe and lasting remembrance of her .


Thar Desert . Desert Sands National Park , Rajasthan , India . Feb 18 . 

A jeep ride into the Thar Desert from the Golden City of Jaiselmer , my heart opened and expanded into the semi arid desert scapes in front of me as the jeep drove through , much so only because the land consciouness of the Thar desert area was as such , a vast expanse of invitation to open yourself up ! A beautiful camel ride over the Khuri sand dunes to view the sunset , and returning back to the desert camp , spotting deers skirting shyly through the desert shrubs . We were treated to a celebratory Rajasthani folk dance performance cum buffet dinner , isnt that what life is about , being glorious , celebrating and living every moment of it whilst you are still breathing , through music , dance and engaged activities that uplifts the soul . Thank you for adventure desert safari for organising this awesome experience for our group ! 

The following day , we journeyed into a a very remote regions of the desert to visit a traditional local village with mud houses . Greated by very sweet innocent and curious children who came up happily to play with us and warmly invited us to their home for a cup to tea . Simple uncorrupted sweet heartness at its best from the villagers , a lasting gratitude for their gracious hosting . 


Son Doong Cave , Vietnam . Aug 17 .

A unforgetable 4 day/3nights expedition with Oxalis tours to Hang En Cave ( world’s 3rd largest ) and Son Doong Cave ( world’s largest ) in Phong Na Ke Bang National Park , Vietnam . Son Doong Cave – recently discovered , was a world unto itself , a primodial yin consciousness that holds a gateway to the galaxies beyond . Awaking at 3am at Campsite 1 near the cave entrance towards ‘Watch out for the Dinosaurs ‘ segment of the cave , in sheer darkness , greated by lumnious ethereal amobeic beings , carressing my skin gently , i let go , to be held by them , and was taken  through a portal , absorbed within the consciousness of the cave , into out of mother earth , to the galaxies beyond . Healing yin frequencies from , carried through my body , ready to give  to any passerby who is willing to receive and listen to her . This cave – as it is ancient , is much alive , spiritually and physically , still breathing , still changing to the elements of flowing water , wind and light that sculptures her course .

There are several other hundreds of caves here worth exploring , some are off the beaten track requiring guides , some are show caves – Paradise Cave being one of them , a creation from the Wolrd of the Gods apparent . If you have time , a 3 hour road trip to the imperial city of Hue with its surrounding lovely moat and river can reawaken the literal poet in u 🙂


Iceland Oct 15


Iceland , the Land of Ice and Fire ! We did a self drive tour of 11 days around the ring road during autumn and had many Wow Experiences during our trip – like – being greeted by the Northern Lights at Reykjavik when we arrive in at our lodging in the evening . Saw 14 rainbows and 3 double rainbows in our first 3 days of the trip ! Changeable weather , from sunshine , to thunderstorms , to gale , to sleet within minutes to a hour during our drive. The lights and colours of the sky interacting with land is so intensely rich that makes ones photos look like a Pro easily .

The Land of Elves and Mythology , one feels immersed in the realm of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones . An Angelic Presence greeted me at Gulfoss Waterfalls and held me through my trip , providing guidance and solace and a warm invitation to return in future . Asbyrgi Canyon in Northern Iceland in the land of elves  – shaped like a giant horseshoe  -according to Norse Mythology was formed by Sleipnir , Odin’s 8 legged hose  when it put its hoof down onto earth . The grass in the canyon is so full of love , that one cannot help but lay down and rest there .

Viewing the Northern Lights in Iceland was an unforgettable experience itself . We had several sitings during the trip , the most beautiful and profound ones were seen at jokusarlon glacier and on a hilltop at Husavik . When you spot the northern lights appearing , its best to go to the darkest area you can find away from light pollution with unobstructed view and patiently wait and watch . The Northern Lights , began their dance , swirling , twirling , elongating , expanding its width like an accordion from green into a multitude of colours , such as green , yellow , purple  , blue , pink ,  the visual harmonic range of the lights expanding and contracting , appearing and dissapearing ,  left me in tears as she showed me a thread leading back to the Divine Mother and the consciousness of the Universe .

Canyons and waterfalls , volcanoes and mountains , glaciers and ice caves , geysers and whales , and a land of contrast . Driving through the landscape – sometime you feel like your are on Mars , sometime on the Moon Surface at other times another planet . When you visit Iceland , keep yourself open and receptive , and let the land and its beautiful people show you the way into their universe inside 🙂